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Start with Caring about People

Start with Caring about People

October is Mental Health Month, and the 10th is World Mental Health Day. In this special time, we have Dr Lillian sharing her experience and insights about how to look after our own well-being, connect with others, and be a leader who can navigate a …

Chewing the Accounting Fat, Ep #8

Chewing the Accounting Fat, Ep #8

Join the panel discussion, express your views or sit back, listen & learn! What is the proactive approach to working with clients, or to master advisory in your firm? Our panel of experts will share all the things ‘to do’, & ‘what not to do’ in …

Virtual Lunch with Adam Dierhelhuis & James Rose

Virtual Lunch with Adam Dierhelhuis & James Rose

In a very special Virtual Lunch, we are going to share the 8 Wastes of Lean, as we chat with Adam Dierhelhuis and James Rose about building a CULTURE OF CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT. Please join us for a special Virtual Lunch, the next in our …


Albert Gigl

MW Partners
“We look after a number of dental clients, and our experience of working with TPP has been nothing but professional. Our clients are often time poor, so we appreciate the personal touch. As we are not allowed to give advice, the opportunity usually comes when we are chatting with clients, one on one, or at year end, and they ask what else is available. Our dentists understand the health space, and also like the opportunities available. Our client never feel like they are being sold to, and quite excited about the projects.”

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