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Welcome to our blog for TALKING NUMBERS with Paul Jansz, where we wrap up our podcast with a short article. In this blog, we share our conversation with Paul Pratt, Director of Pursuit Advisers, a local business providing Business Advisory, Taxation Services, Bookkeeping and Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) services.

How is 2020 and Plans for 2021

Paul Pratt thinks the lockdown has made him a better person. This special time has raised awareness for him, both professionally and personally. He says it’s been a really good headspace personally and it was nice to be surrounded by good people to get through it.

He believes they are ready to start 2021 with a different approach by focusing on the important things. He hopes that all businesses can get the right support to get through and grow, to tackle 2021

About Mindfulness Ambassador Program

As the ambassador of Mindfulness, Paul introduces that Mindfulness is a not-for-profit organization that is focusing on helping vulnerable people with mental health issues across all ages and communities. Paul believes mental health problems have been the real pandemic, especially in the lockdown. He has been through a fairly tough four weeks both at work and at home and this is the opportunity to raise awareness and funds.

The Mindfulness Ambassador program has picked 12 people out of a couple of 100 applicants, and Paul was one of them. Over the next 10 months, he will raise funds for the program and raise awareness of mental health. He is now very passionate about it, and he is committed to continuing to do that in the future.

The Issue of Mental Health

Significantly more people have passed away due to suicide and accidental death because of alcohol or drug use. We’ve lost many lives through the pandemic. In three weeks, Paul attended two funerals that were both due to suicide. Paul believes if we talk more about it, it will help to stop the tragedies. It’s important to guide people, to let everyone know they are supported, especially for the younger generation, and in the work environment.

Paul says, in the past nine months, their team members have bonded so much even though they were pretty close beforehand. They support each other but they lost one of their team members through suicide early in the year. They didn’t see it coming because he was an outgoing person, and well known in the sporting community and business community. Paul wishes he could have helped, reached out, and made a difference and now he will try more to help people.

About “Adventure All Stars

Adventure All Stars” is part of the Charity TV Global network, and it’s effectively a program for those who go out raising money for Mindfulness, to travel and take adventures with the other 11 people that have been doing the same thing in their communities. They will spend six days at a destination somewhere in Australia, and they don’t know the activities until the night before, the first challenge will be running 250 laps. This show aims to help continue to build awareness of mental health issues.

Paul is looking forward to meeting 11 cool people and spending time with them. He thinks it will help to build momentum in their movement.

Key Things We Should Do to Help

Paul thinks the number one for him is to be willing to be vulnerable and be prepared to share. Some older generations hold back and would say being vulnerable is a sign of weakness, but Paul thinks having the ability to show vulnerability should be seen as OK.

The second thing for Paul was to reset some boundaries. Since he started working remotely, he could spend more time with his wife and kids. He is so grateful, and he also noticed people show empathy for others who might not be in a situation that’s as fortunate as we are. He thinks, like him, many people are taking things for granted before the lockdown. They might have worked too much and neglected themselves or their families. Lockdown is the time to do some reflection.

The last one is to learn new things. Paul has always been learning new things, then sharing them and teaching others.

He thinks having the right kind of mindset makes people enjoy life – be positive about it and have tough conversations.