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Welcome to TALKING NUMBERS with Paul Jansz. In this episode, we are honoured to have two special speakers join us – Adam Dierselhuis, the Director of O’Connells OBM and the Co-Founder of The Goods; James Rose, the Co-Founder of Content Snare.

O’Connells OBM is a Chartered accountant and business advising firm that helps architects, engineers, lawyers, and other professionals to diagnose opportunities to grow their business plan. The Goods provides product and supply solutions tailored for businesses.

Content Snare is a smart platform for professionals to collect content, for different purposes such as client content, documents, or onboarding.

We unpacked great suggestions and advice, read through to find out how they tackled business issues and continuously drive improvements in efficiencies.

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Key Takeaways

What are the activities that drive improvements inefficiencies? What worked? What didn’t work? Why won’t it get stuck? Start some periodically reviewing processes, look at how we approach tasks, and find out what bugs people. When you hear someone saying, ‘surely there’s got to be a better way’, there’s an opportunity to capture that.  – Adam

We dedicate one day a month to work on the business, so building that into the culture where it becomes top of mind to get constant improvement. You need cultural support and, the right mindset of the team and give people giving time to just pause for select. – Adam

I notice in many businesses, the leaders often have a high degree of care for efficiency, but often don’t trickle down into staff and team members. A lot of process and efficiency improvement can eliminate work that people don’t want to do. – James

A leader should encourage and educate team members about what’s important, making sure they’re clear on how they can help, giving them a reason to care. – Adam

So many times, we’ve seen people just doing whatever they do, going through the steps of a process, and not taking notice on how wasteful it is; because some people aren’t necessarily wired like that and not everyone knows what to look for inefficiencies.

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