April 28

12:30 – 13:30 AEST

This April month’s show of Chewing The ACCOUNTING Fat with Jason Cunningham and Paul Jansz took an in-depth look at GROWTH & ENGAGEMENT, internally, and externally. Jason has branded The Practice to allow for growth, and they looked to challenge the status-quo of the normal public practice with special guest Melissa David from Clyne Partners.

The topic they discussed under GROWTH & ENGAGEMENT.

  1. What is the role of Growth & Engagement?
  2. Who should be in charge of Growth & Engagement?
  3. How can your firm start planning for greater Growth & Engagement, both internally & externally?
  4. Also learn about campaigns, analytics, SEO, and how to grow your marketing traffic to increase marketing leads, and conversions to sale!

If you have missed our show or want to watch it again, below is the video for you. Watch and share your comments.

Finally, if you missed our last few episodes of Chewing The ACCOUNTING Fat for 2021, here’s the link to our ProfessionalPartners+ TV channel for the recordings!