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Welcome to TALKING NUMBERS with Paul Jansz, and this is our monthly CEO series. In this episode, We have a special guest Sam Allert, the Chief Executive Officer at Reckon. Sam has been working in the industry for a long time and specialises in software and finance.

Reckon is an easy-to-use online accounting software that helps businesses manage their finances allowing them to focus on growth. In 2021, Reckon was awarded 1st and 2nd in the accounting categories of the Australian Digital Technology Awards.

In this episode, Paul and Sam discuss how to build an adaptive business with a culture that attracts talents and a process that provides customer-centred services and products. If you like this episode, don’t forget to follow us on socials to get access to more content like this!

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Key Takeaways

If your data wasn’t up to date, if you weren’t lodging the relevant tax or GST statements, or you didn’t have up to date books, it was you who will be chasing your tail to apply and get government stimulus. But everyone who’d worked closely with their accountant had up to date books, and the accountant could just take them on that journey and submit and they got their stimulus packages. -Sam

But the reality is accountants, are often at the forefront of technology adoption and big drivers of cloud technology. AI, machine learning is all about automation. And for us, it’s about automating as much of the process to make accountants more efficient, essentially. – Sam

And a lot of the times, it all comes back to the customer. It is about what we are doing for the customer using AI and tech, and integration and automation to make it easier. – Paul

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