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Welcome to TALKING NUMBERS with Paul Jansz. . In this episode, we have special guest Caren Hendrie a Business Growth Expert and Corporate trainer, an International Speaker, and a Number 1 Best Selling Author.

In this episode, Paul and Caren explore the meaning behind business advisory and try to identify a few key things to help the growth of a business. If you are seeking a strategy to grow your business, listen to this one to find your answer, you won’t be disappointed

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The Topics

  • Business advisory
  • Cash flow projections
  • Pricing scale
  • Tax
  • Compliance work
  • Focus and plan
  • Target for growth

Key Takeaways

‘Advisory’ is becoming a buzzword that is almost a little meaningless. I try to break advisory down to any service that you can provide your clients that directly helps them grow their business. – Caren

When I first started business advising, one of the things that I worked out quite quickly was that no business owner needed their business to be harder. We needed it to be easier. So, one of the habits that we really need to get used to when facing something new, is looking at what’s the easiest way to do it. So when it comes to advisory, it’s about identifying what you’re already doing in your business, that’s helping your clients grow. – Caren

People are only unhappy with the price if they have no value attached to the service. So a role as a business owner and thought leader is about how do we show the value proposition in that price. – Paul

When it comes to your business, focus is your superpower. It’s the most powerful tool that you have: focus and a plan. – Caren

I love having a detailed plan. Setting realistic timeframes for your milestone and setting realistic timeframes for them, then set aside half a day per week to work on your business, instead of doing business. – Caren

There are literally only four ways you can grow a business: the first is new clients; the second is repeat business; the third is increasing your average sale; and the fourth one is increasing your efficiencies. – Caren

What’s the number one thing that will move you the most powerfully forward? What’s the number two and what’s the number three? Only ever work on three things at a time. Once that’s done, go back and have a look at your list and work out your next three things. – Caren

You can have excuses, or you can have results. But you can’t have Both. So focus and get those results. – Caren

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