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Welcome to our blog for TALKING NUMBERS with Paul Jansz. In this episode of Talking Numbers, Paul Jansz and Tiffany English, the Chief Executive Officer at Access Offshoring, chat about how to find the right people in the accounting industry. Tiffany is very passionate about helping growing businesses with automating, streamlining, and placing the right people at the right place.

Access Offshoring is a platform that connects offshore talents with local businesses and provides greater satisfaction, improved quality, and reduced cost.

In recent years, more and more businesses started looking for talents from overseas due to a less locally available workforce. In the accounting industry, it is becoming more difficult to find experienced bookkeepers and senior accountants. This is because the volume and scale of businesses are growing, but the talent pool isn’t catching up.

Paul and Tiffany also chat about the challenges in outsourcing, team building, and how to bring the team to its best performance, with higher efficiency and greater working satisfaction.

The Topics

  • The talent shortage in the accounting industry
  • Advantages of hiring in the Philippines
  • Challenges of recruiting overseas
  • Remote working
  • Compliance in using offshore support
  • Cultural fit
  • Pay people right
  • Get the team involved

Key Takeaways

‘My passion really comes from automating, streamlining, putting in the right software and ensuring that we have the right people doing the right things’. -Tiffany

‘We don’t like to do boring, menial administrative data entry tasks. They might affect job satisfaction and value-added tasks. Now, at a very low cost, I’m able to elevate my team, put on another resource with someone who really appreciates that sort of work and actually enjoys doing it.’ -Tiffany

‘I think one of the greatest challenges is we have someone who is really good, but then six months later they get an offer from somebody else for an extra $5,000. And they leave. That needs to be addressed.’ – Paul

‘I’m a big believer in paying people what they should be paid, not necessarily what they’re worth in the market, but what they are worth to you.’ -Tiffany

‘My first bit of advice is just never to stop adapting to systemization internally. A lot of people stay stagnant, particularly in the accounting space and don’t look for ways that they can be more efficient and do things better. Check what are you doing internally, that you could clean up, make easier and make more efficient.’ -Tiffany

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