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Welcome to TALKING NUMBERS with Paul Jansz. In this episode, Paul chats with David Ross, Founder and Head Coach at SuperCoach, a firm that specialises in business coaching, particularly within the accounting industry

Almost 25 years ago, David started a career as a Chartered Accountant. Over the years, he has worked with thousands of great businesses, from struggling start-ups to successful million-dollar companies. He shares that one great thing about coaching, is that he can share the past mistakes that have been made before, so businesses can learn from them and avoid making the mistakes again.

In this episode, Paul and David talk about the essential role that advisories can play in the accounting industry, based on decades of first-hand experience. If you like this one, don’t forget to subscribe to get access to more good content like this!

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  • ‘Silver bullet solution’
  • ‘Slow-burn’ process
  • Selling system
  • Compliance
  • Viabilities
  • Structured model

Key Takeaways

Over that time, there’s been this whole industry has built itself up to teach the ‘how to do it’ or sell a particular tool that can be used in doing it. But nothing really happens until as partners, we get out of our own way. And what I mean by that is that typically, it’s the partner that wants to do the advisory, they want the Holy Grail, that’s the work that they want to do. Nobody else is going to do it. – David

This is about changing the way your clients think about the way you work. – David

It is about either getting advice or getting a coach.  Because they train you in different areas, they put in different areas of strategy and working with other firms that have been successful. One of the great things about working with the coaches is that we can share what doesn’t work with other firms and the mistakes that they may have made. So, you don’t make those mistakes in the future. – Paul

In advisory of founders, the conversation and the skills are the most important. The software is just the tool to use – it’s the hammer. There’s some great software out there but the software won’t give you the conversation and the skills. – David

By having a business plan, your business is going to operate much more effectively. Particularly if it’s an action-based plan. I build the model around planning, improvement, accountability, with massive emphasis on the numbers, because that’s my background as an accountant.  – David

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