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Welcome to TALKING NUMBERS with Paul Jansz. In this episode, Paul Jansz and Kate Hulsman, Strategic Partnership Manager at de Jonge Read, chat about how to financially future-prove a business.

de Jonge Read Specialist Business Consultants believes a properly planned and executed strategy will help to eliminate uncertainties for businesses. They specialise in providing fair representation to company directors and individuals experiencing financial difficulty and giving guidance and personal support through a very stressful period

All business owners focus on growth and building assets, some of them might neglect the fact that things change, this pandemic is a good example. Kate suggests all of us should be more proactive about how to protect these assets. Having the right advisor, and the right strategy in place will make sure you won’t lose all the hard-earned money because of the uncertainties.

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  • Insolvency
  • Estate planning
  • Uncertainties
  • Advisory
  • Regular reviews
  • Risk mitigation

Key Takeaways

A wealthy client should be looking at all the options. The business might exit in the future, whether that’s selling the business, an insolvency event, or marriage breakdown, it’s a really good time to make sure to get the right asset protection in place. Because if you’re building wealth as well, you want to make sure you’re going to be as protected as you can be, mitigate as much risk as you can. -Kate

There are many options your accountant can help you to manage a hard time, such as cash flow reviews, expenses reduction, reducing debt returns, manage your creditors better and more. You do all those things to try and get the business back on track.  -Kate

It is important for the advisor to point out the way to go down the track. If it’s got a band aid on the problem, and it’s not going to stop bleeding underneath. – Paul

When no one’s knocking on the door, that’s when you’ve got time to think and put this structure in place. Reviewing your asset protection every couple of years. When you buy a new house or an investment property, it has to be an ongoing thing to make sure that asset protection is still working for you. -Kate

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