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Welcome to TALKING NUMBERS with Paul Jansz. In this episode, Paul chats with David Boyar, the Chief Executive Officer at ChangeGPS. ChangeGPS is frontline accounting software that provides accounting, compliance and advisory solutions.

David co-founded the Virtual CFO Association; he built and ran his own practice and worked with Chartered Accountants on their Innovation Agenda while hosting the accounting industry’s biggest podcast – From the Trenches.

Paul and David talked about the big changes that happened in the accounting industry, the gender pay gap, the Pareto principle and more.

The Topics

  • Foundation change in accounting
  • Trenches summit
  • Gender Pay Gap Report
  • Looking forward to upcoming positive
  • Increase your expectation of tech provider

Key Takeaways

I think that the beauty of accountants and bookkeepers is the thirst for knowledge. I don’t think that’s ever going to change or ever going to get disrupted. You come into this profession because you like helping people. – David

In any other organisation, those roles are lumped in that admin support mindset. I think that needs to change, because we’ll get some really good talent coming in if we can change our attitudes to that. – David

Chartered Accountants made a huge splash with the Gender Pay Gap Report. The splash was made four months ago. Let’s start putting up the winner’s list, putting up the people who did something about it. – David


As we move towards 2022, we spoke about the importance of controlling the controllable. So don’t try to control everything. You can still be as positive as possible to make sure you’ve got the best running business and take away all the negatives out of your business. –Paul

I think the Pareto principle is very true, 80% of all value comes from 20% of all activity. – David

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