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Welcome to our blog for TALKING NUMBERS with Paul Jansz. In this episode, Paul chats with Shaye Thyer, an FCA who is the newly appointed Head of Accounting at Intuit QuickBooks, an accounting software that manages payroll, expenses, invoices and reports

On this day of recording, it was Shaye’s first day in her new role, which focusses on the growth function for the accounting and bookkeeping channel. She is very excited about this opportunity.

Shaye talks about Xero particularly because it was her first introduction to cloud accounting; the concept was a mind-blowing moment for her. She thinks there’s a huge opportunity for the Australian accounting industry to leverage the learnings from the world’s number one cloud accounting platform and to bring it to the next level.

Paul and Shaye touched many interesting topics in this episode: working parents’ concerns, women in accounting and why it is important to make changes as a team.

The Topics

  • Positive competition
  • Role models as parents
  • Gender issues we are facing
  • Women in accounting
  • Shafting in perception
  • Encourage other people
  • Empathy’s importance
  • Make a change now

Key Takeaways

I’m going to be laser-focused on moving the team grade up into the number two spot, but my purpose and ambition behind that is to get everyone involved – the firms and the clients using cloud accounting can do more, achieve more and get better service and better product, because we raised that together. – Shaye

We’ve been given this responsibility to do things and share things with our children. And no one has the right playbook, but it’s about continually learning, sharing and being a part of their lives. – Paul


We need to call it out if it’s sexism and understand that there’s an unlearning process that will happen and that could be quite tough for some. I don’t want to polarise; I want to create a safe space for talking about this stuff out loud. – Shaye

We need to encourage every firm to think about what’s the balance and diversity look like in your company, and the type of things you want to bring into your company? Then how are you going to influence that? – Paul

If you had a choice to make a difference, what would that look like? – Paul

Don’t feel like you need to change the world. If you’re just moving in the positive direction, then that’s amazing. Just start. – Shaye

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Official Website of QuickBooks:

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