An Educational Accounting Network built by Accountants for Accountants.

Creating high-end service opportunities to high-end clients.
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This is a fresh new Accounting network, built by Accountants for Accountants, creating high-end service opportunities to high-end clients.

From the research we conducted, there was a need in the market place for a high-end a service offering to high-end clients, and we filled the void, with a number of firms adopting the ‘private client’ approach. We came up with a collaborative style of fine tuning the service offering for accounting and financial advisory firms to provide their clients with opportunities they would not usually get access to, and to ideally disrupt the traditional client service model.

What value do we bring to the accounting industry, and why do we exist?

A Professional Partners network is nothing new, although we believe it’s a new 2021 approach, working with accounting firms in an on-going collaborative manner to continually find the 1% of magic to find a proactive approach to a better client service offering.

What makes us unique?

Our offering is led by the accounting firms in our network, working to offer clients something they may not usually get access to, therefore built by accounting firms, for accounting firms, modeling one of the top 4 firms. We also bring together a key educational element, bringing together industry leaders to share their IP with our network, via our social posts, virtual lunches, training days, conferences and a podcast series.


Sam Madden

Head of Professional Partners

Paul Jansz

National Network Manager


Albert Gigl

MW Partners
“We look after a number of dental clients, and our experience of working with TPP has been nothing but professional. Our clients are often time poor, so we appreciate the personal touch. As we are not allowed to give advice, the opportunity usually comes when we are chatting with clients, one on one, or at year end, and they ask what else is available. Our dentists understand the health space, and also like the opportunities available. Our client never feel like they are being sold to, and quite excited about the projects.”


We provide sophisticated investors access to ‘off-market’ transactions in alternative assets and private markets, with the goal to help them achieve optimal investment returns and build a long-term, quality, healthy and diversified portfolio.




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