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Welcome to TALKING NUMBERS with Paul Jansz. In this episode, we have Jason Robinson, Director of Future Advisory, a business advisory, and accounting firm that focuses on personal, financial and business growth.

It hasn’t been long since Future Advisory spent its first anniversary. They have doubled their staff within nine months, and experienced great growth during the pandemic hit. Jason has shared their secrets in this episode and introduced value, strategy and their culture-building experience.

Paul and Jason also discuss how SEO, social media channels and podcasts can be used for businesses as well as personal growth. Don’t forget to subscribe and listen to all the golden nuggets in this podcast!

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  • Build a ‘high performance culture’
  • ‘The war for talent’
  • Share and learn
  • What’s ‘future’
  • Talk to people before they meet you
  • Setting goals and measurements

Key Takeaways

If you are clear about the deliberate strategy of why we exist, if you know why you exist as a starting point, you can share that with the team and they get excited by it, you know you’re on the right track. – Jason

We focus and care about people’s future, that means: do they spend enough time with their kids? Do they have work life balance? When was their last holiday? None of that’s necessarily financial. We care about making sure people are working towards having a better future. Are they being healthy? What’s their wellbeing? When did they last exercise? These are all things that you wouldn’t necessarily expect your accountant to talk to you about. We live and breathe by the same things internally. – Jason

From day one, it’s never really 100% Perfect, and you have to roll with it and hope for the best. That’s been a work in progress for a long period that job deployment and job management software need to be so perfect, especially when you start the scale, when you’re working in the multi-millions of turnover with many clients and many seats, you’ve got to make sure that these jobs are structured and set up properly. – Jason

We’re trying to change that language around being an elite team or being a high performing team. When people feel like they’re in a high performing team environment, it becomes part of their unconscious mind to act and behave in that way. – Jason

You got to constantly check and measure these things to make sure you’re heading towards it. But without good targets and good budgets, you’ve got really nothing to measure towards. So those internal measures are deliberate, you must set them up. – Jason

Social medias and podcasts, things like that can put you in a position where people talk about you, and more importantly, the content. So, if you can help by sharing some pretty cool information, that’s how we learn and get better. – Paul

Social medias and the podcasts are good strategies to promote ourselves. They are providing value and people get to know you, build a relationship with you online or in their ears before they’ve even met you. When they say, you are the person I want involved in my business. Because I’ve heard how they speak, I’ve heard what their values are. – Jason

Now the next challenge is bringing on more clients but giving more services to existing clients that they need and want. So it’s about upskilling our internal capability, potentially bring on a couple more strategic hires around that the virtual CFO space. – Jason

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